UK law: mobile phone usage whilst driving!

07-03-2017 11:56:50
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There has been major changes in law regarding mobile phone usage whilst driving in the United Kingdom.

From 1st March 2017, penalties for using mobile phones in the car have doubled and now cost 6 points and £200 fine (new drivers will have their licence revoked if their licence is less than 2 years old).


  • use hand held phone at all whilst driving, whilst in traffic or stopped at the traffic lights, stopped on the road side with engine on
  • accept or decline calls / send SMS messages
  • set up a route on sat nav while driving
  • have a conversation on the speaker phone of your mobile device
  • use your headphones
  • scroll through music tracks or change a song when playing music

You CAN:

  • listen to music/podcasts via speaker phone or hands-free device but set them up before you put the keys in the ignition
  • use your sat nav but set up a route before you drive off/start your vehicle
  • accept or decline new route on sat nav whilst driving (that is the only time when you can actually touch your device)
  • call 999 or 112 whilst driving if it is unsafe or impractical to stop
  • accept calls via hands-free device

Don't fall foul of the new legislation!

Keep safe guys!

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