News: US tax free import value increased to $800!

29-03-2016 16:31:01
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To all shoppers from the United States, did you know that you can now import up to $800 worth of merchandise free of customs taxes and duties?

Effective from March 10th 2016, United States Customs and Border Protection has raised the import de minimis limit from $200 to $800. This is the value of a shipment of merchandise, imported by one person on one day, that may be imported free of duties and taxes and without the need of a customs declaration.

What does it mean for you the buyer?
This reduction will help to speed up deliveries and reduce paperwork and of course reduce costs!

With our low shipping rates to the US, no customs and duties and the saving of UK VAT/TAX this is a great reason to shop and buy from the UK!

News: US tax free import value increased to $800!

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